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General skin edits & templates

Services: Small edits to existing skins*; making themes partially or completely responsive, individual sections such as profile design, postbit, member list, guidebook pages, etc.
Cost: Varies greatly, see below. Currently I tend to undercharge (compared to usual "per hour" rates) because I'm still learning, but as I become more confident and can get through things quicker, I'll likely match my rates to other similar coders just so I'm not undercutting them.
Payment methods accepted: Paypal - depending on how well I know you, I may ask you to pay after the work is done (or nearly done) and use the friends & family option to avoid fees.
Estimated delivery time: Medium length - as I'm only taking on small projects, expect 1-2 weeks. Possibly slightly more for a full profile, etc.
How to contact: Discord, I'm Kiwi#6729

I will give you an estimate after you describe the work, but this may not be the final amount (at most, it may change up to 50% either way if I'm editing an existing skin, if it gives me problems).
  • Very very minor edits I may do for free, though I reserve the right to take a look and then say no if your existing skin is hard to work with.
  • Most small edits will be under $50. The more well-designed your existing skin is, the easier it'll be - and vice versa - so the final cost may be different to the estimate. If this happens, I will tell you in good time so you can decide whether to keep going ahead.
  • Converting a site from desktop-only to responsive is likely to be in the $100, $200+ range, depending on how mobile-friendly you want it. If you're buying profile & postbits also, the combined price will be cheaper.
  • Postbit, around $50.
  • Profile, around $50-$80, may be slightly more if both complex and responsive.
  • Guidebook parts, anywhere from $20-$50 unless very complex.
  • Member list, similar to above but will vary hugely.
  • Setting up your site so you can easily change the header image & colors of an existing theme whenever you want (basically replacing all the explicit colors with variables), same as above, will vary a lot but let's say $40 as a base estimate. If it's very simple (because the original coder did good), I'll give you instructions to do it yourself for free.

Other stuff
  • I will leave the site in the same state I found it. If it's "poorly coded" (outdated methods, messy css, lots of inline css...) I will likely have to continue the trend and so it will be messy (behind the scenes!) even when I'm done with it. This makes it more prone to breaking if you tweak things later. If it's beautifully coded, I will do everything I can to keep it that way!
  • By default I make things (profile, member list etc.) responsive. That said, I use desktop most of the time so that is what I tend to focus on the most. If you want mobile to be the main attraction, let me know.
  • Please have an idea of what you want, ideally a mockup (even if scribbled in Paint or on a piece of scrap paper). Design is not my strong suit, so the more input you give, the better it will be. For postbit/profile/member list etc., please write a list of which fields you want to have visible, or tell me if you want more of an open template that you can add more fields to later.

*Important: If I'm making any direct edits to a premade theme, you must provide proof that you have permission from the original creator to pay someone else to make changes. For things like an entire profile section, simply an "edits allowed" statement on the theme/license is enough since I won't be using what's already there. If your theme is custom made and you have a full license for it (including edits), I'd still encourage you to ask the original coder first, but if you can't get through to them, that's okay.

Gallery: (click picture to open)
Note: As I often make elements on existing skins, things like font & color palette choices are (mostly) not my own in these screenshots; I am not claiming credit for these.

Responsive postbit (desktop, tablet, and mobile views)

Demos of some features I can add for you:
Sample header (WIP)
Profile with tabs
Fixed header image that blurs and lightens or darkens when you scroll
Expand all / collapse all on accordions (unstyled here, obviously)
Animal compendium with tabs, responsive

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