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New Year, New MyRPG

New Year, New MyRPG
As we roll into the new year I've decided to step up and get the remaining projects for this site finished as fast as I possibly can starting with a brand new custom theme.

What to expect?
  • Custom Theme
  • Sponsored Pages
  • Directory Removal - Replacement: Quick Revolving Ads
  • Board Restructuring
  • Help Docs Removal - Replacement: Guides Board
  • possibly some other things Wink

Advertising MyRPG:
I'm terrible at advertising and considering we're such a small niche compared to Jcink/Proboards its hard to gauge what I should be doing. I encourage all of you to share us where you feel would be beneficial (I'll get an advertisement copy paste thing soon for y'all).

We have been affiliating with RPG Directory and RPG Adverts. However, after RPG-D's recent site overhaul our affiliate button was removed. Though I don't know the exact reason as I was never informed of the change I can only assume it was due to our small communities "inactivity" as most of our communication is through Discord. I'll be restructuring Discord to a chat only platform and encouraging/enforcing discussions (support, admin related, game related, general discussions, etc.) back to the site. I was previously hopeful to do both but it's clear I should pick one or the other.

Custom Theme:
Focuses on being mobile ready/responsive for device compatibility no matter where you are. It will also feature more of an RP theme with an actual banner and some other things. Also an SFW theme for those browsing at work or other similar places that will look more like a business forum.

Sponsoring Sites:
If you choose to place our button on your website you can submit a "sponsor" request (feature coming soon) to have your sites full ad, information, and more on the upcoming Sponsored page. It will act similarly to a directory but requires your site to recognize ours.

Quick Revolving Ads:
Post an advertisement like you would on any other site. The five most recent posts will display on the main page! You can post again when your advertisement is no longer on the main page (within the five currently visible). I expect everyone to shameless abuse this because PLEASE do. Promotion is what we're all about here. I'm going to be allowing service ads and rp ads here!

Board Restructuring:
I'll be adding in new boards and probably moving some things around to better structure the main page and to give us all some more wiggle room for posting here.

Guides Board:
Moving rules, regulations, etc. to a guides board and I will feature some useful new MyCodes for everyone to use to spruce up their posts! Although HTML will be disabled a lot of HTML components will be configured to [ and ] instead of < and > so you can use the common needs of them.

In time I'm sure more will come as ideas are suggested by all of you OR when they hit my brain.

STAFF APPLICATIONS: If you'd like to join the team, though there isn't too much need right now, PLEASE contact me via PM! Mods will just ensure the place is kept squeaky clean from spammers and assholes. Mini mods will mod specific areas.
Stripe or Venmo

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These all sound great Big Grin
I'm excited to see what you come up with.
Here for it! Excited for the changes to come, and happy new year! <3

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